So MI5 has come top of Stonewall’s annual survey of the best places to work for LGBT employees. Good news, but don’t believe everything you read. A friend who has a considerable interest in this story has pointed out that there is actually very little to choose between many of the more enlightened employers, especially those who are part of government service where the same standards and personnel policies apply. And how do you tell the difference between first and second place or, more importantly, between MI5 at number one and MI6 at number thirty-six!? Is the difference really that great?

I suspect that the answer lies more in the need to capture a headline which is, of course, good news for Stonewall. If Lloyds Bank, which was placed second, had come first would so many news organisations have paid attention? MI5 at number one is much more eye-catching and in the long term there is really no harm done.

It is still very good news. But for the life of me I can’t find out what SIS is doing wrong. They claim to be following the same policies, so why are they thirty-five places behind? I wonder if anyone knows?


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