Day Four

This is the hard bit. The energy dip really hit today and I’m probably paying the price for travelling into London yesterday. The next three days are “the grind”, the time when your energy reserves are gone and it becomes hard work just to lift your head off the pillow. This time is also hard because everyone’s good wishes tend to dry up. It’s strange how those little good will messages really help to lift your spirits. I thought I was unemotional – probably the lack of food making me a bit soppy!

I contacted MI6 through my liaison officer and asked if there was anything that I should say on their behalf seeing as all the evidence appears to be stacked against them. No reply. Not surprising perhaps, but I think that if they had a leg to stand on they would have said something. It is more evidence which tends to confirm Reprieve’s suspicion that it is the British intelligence services who are keeping Shaker imprisoned – long after the US have cleared him for release.

One bright spot in the day was getting a message of support from an ex-para. It’s good that someone who has been at the “sharp end” understands that my support for Shaker is directed against terrorism, not in support of it. We have to close down this site which, by imprisoning and torturing innocent men, simply acts as a giant recruiting base for the next generation of terrorists.

Three days to go then….


6 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. Gemma Hindley

    You’re doing a fabulous thing. Chin up and keep strong. Soon the world will have to wake up to the harsh and agonising realities of what is going on.

  2. Christine Rose

    So admire your values and what you are doing. Thank you on behalf of us who don’t do it but fully support the reason.


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