Day Two

A day of two halves. Woke up feeling fine and walked all the way into town. Hunger strikes? Easy, I thought. Then in mid-afternoon my temperature suddenly shot up and I was hit with wave after wave of nausea and retching. As I sit shivering and writing this, I am now running a proper fever. I’ve cancelled all interviews for tomorrow morning, but I am determined if at all possible to make a live interview scheduled for the ITV news at 6.00 p.m. That’s a big one and should really help to raise Shaker’s profile a little bit more.

One thing really helps and has surprised me: those little comments of support, in person and on-line, for which I am truly grateful. I hadn’t thought that they would mean so much to me, but just to know that you are not doing something like this without anyone noticing really helps. In the same way, I hope that Shaker and the other prisoners get some news of the efforts that all of the hunger strikers in the Stand Fast for Justice campaign are making. They are all heroes. I hope it gives them the strength to hang on. Sorry. Got to stop writing now, can’t manage anymore.


6 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. williamheath

    Harry I’m so pleased your doing this. When Clive first raised it I thought “OK I can do 24 hours in solidarity. One tiny thing I can do for Shaker Aamer…” Morning was fine. Skipping lunch was fine. I knew I was going to be fine and I was walking in the garden at tea time. Saw a wild strawberry and before I knew it had eaten it. It tasted fabulous and made we wonder why I was so hungry. Then I thought “whoops…” I cant even do just 24 hours. But even though I tried and failed I feel the same bond you speak of not just with Shaker who continues to suffer (and I feel complicit in that as a taxpayer) but with you. Your special position, your background and knowledge of our secret state make your action very significant. So stick at it, take it easy, and more strength to your arm. There are good online resources about fasting (Wikihow I think). Good luck, do take it easy, stay strong. Thanks.


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