Day One

Well, that’s the first day over. Constant pain from stomach cramps and for some reason my energy level dropped to zero mid-afternoon. I could barely lift myself out of the chair at one point, but at least that passed. All this only serves to remind me of what Shaker and the other prisoners are going through. I have my family, especially my children, to support me (and occasionally taunt me with crisps in a good-natured way). Shaker has four children and he has been separated from them for more than ten years. All those missed birthdays, all those missed memories. How is it possible to withstand that kind of pain, never knowing when or even if it will ever end? And all this for a man who has never even been charged with a crime, let alone convicted. What happened to our supposed standards of justice in the Western world? When did we all agree to ditch them? Did I miss something?

That’s why all of us who are on the hunger strike are doing this. We can imagine the pain and suffering that Shaker’s captors can not or will not. We know it has to be stopped.


10 thoughts on “Day One

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  2. Lucy Draper

    Hi Harry,

    I work for an online UK-based magazine, aimed at 18-25 year olds. I’m really in admiration of what you’re doing and was hoping you might be able to talk to us about your hunger strike and you reasoning behind it. Please do let me know if that would be possible and I wish you luck in the next days and weeks.

    Lucy Draper

  3. Colin Davies

    We’ll done sir, it should not come to this, that people should have to try to force the hand of the Obama administration, they should release these people, because they are innocent of any charge or wrong doing

    President Obama would not like it if it happened to him, stand up for these guys Mr Obama and do what’s right

    1. gusonk17 Post author

      What really gets me is that a man awarded the Nobel Peace Prize runs a gulag and every week sits down to decide which people will be assassinated without any chance of trial or appeal. It makes the world of espionage look rational (well, almost!).

  4. Swithin Fry

    I’ve just read the Reprieve mailout on you…may I send you blessings and support, may your hunger strike help end the abomonation of Guantanamo.

    1. gusonk17 Post author

      Day 6? Crikey, I can’t even imagine the end of day three at the moment. But I know what you mean about the end of the fast – we’re going through all this and yet at the end we’re going to feel like we’re deserting Shaker and the others. It makes no sense. Best of luck to you.


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